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Our attorneys in Pasadena provide a vast range of effective legal services to clients throughout California. From estate planning to immigration to family law and more, we can handle your legal matters in a timely and professional manner. Backed by decades of in-depth experience, our lawyers will give you the personalized time and effort you are owed.

You can count on us to efficiently guide you throughout the legal process and protect your rights while fighting for your best interests. Regardless of how complex your situation may seem, we have the skills necessary to help you resolve it quickly and thoroughly.

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How We Can Help You

Whether you are going through a divorce, planning your estate, resolving a business dispute, or otherwise, retaining proficient legal representation is a necessity. Our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of our respective practice areas and can provide you with well-informed advice at every stage of the legal process. From the very first consultation all the way to the final judgment or settlement, we will be there for you and help you get the results you need.

Our Pasadena attorneys are highly effective in the following areas of focus:

Empowering Families through Education

Dr. Joseph Esq. partners with agencies, non-profit organizations, and communities of faith to educate families with special needs concerning an array of relevant topics.

These topics include the following:

  • Conservatorships
  • IEP’s, IPP’s and IFSP’s
  • Other relevant topics for families with special needs children
  • Wills, Trusts, and other estate planning issues for families with special needs children
  • Recent changes that affect health insurance coverage for families with special needs children

Opening a Channel for Affordable & Competent Advocacy & Equity

Through our partnerships with agencies, non-profits, and faith communities, we will give priority to providing pro bono services for constituents who qualify and match any support for constituent families through our “Danny’s Initiative” fund.

Providing Ancillary Legal Services to Families

Green, Stewart & Paul Attorneys at Law will provide ancillary legal services at a reduced rate to constituent families of partner organizations who would not be able to afford these services otherwise.

These ancillary services include:

  • Wills and General Estate Planning
  • Trusts for Minor Children
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Conservatorships

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