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ADA Defense Lawyers in Pasadena

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Since the introduction of the Americans with Disabilities Act, countless businesses across the nation have made their facilities more easily accessible for disabled patrons, among other things. Unfortunately, some malicious individuals have taken advantage of several provisions of the ADA and have unfairly filed lawsuits against businesses for minute, obscure details within Title III of the act. These alleged “offenses” that the businesses have committed are usually either exaggerated or entirely fabricated.

If you or your business has been accused of violating the ADA, Green, Stewart & Paul Attorneys at Law can help. Backed by decades of experience in business law, our lawyers are intimately familiar with the ADA as well as the related laws, paperwork, and procedures. Regardless of your alleged violation or how complex your situation may be, we have the skills necessary to help resolve your issues in a timely and professional manner. With us, you won’t be taken advantage of and your rights will be fully protected. You can trust us to handle all your business law matters.

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About the Americans with Disabilities Act

Title III of the ADA pertains to commercial facilities and their public accommodations. Businesses are legally required to structure their buildings and properties so that disabled persons are able to properly access them. There are many different types of barriers that disabled individuals may encounter in a public facility and there a number of rules and regulations that require businesses to lessen or eliminate these barriers.

The most common types of barriers in a business include:

  • Barriers at the planning stage
  • Programmatic barriers
  • Communication and service barriers
  • Electronic and digital barriers
  • Architectural barriers

Since the ADA was put into effect, tens of thousands of lawsuits have been filed against businesses that were allegedly in violation of the ADA. California is actually the state with the highest amount of ADA lawsuits in the nation. Property and business owners often feel like they are being taken advantage of because the laws and provisions regarding the ADA disproportionately favor the plaintiffs. For example, California is one of the few states to automatically impose a penalty on business owners found to be in violation of the ADA. This penalty is imposed if the plaintiff prevails on any of their claims and if they do prevail, the property and business owners are required to pay the plaintiff’s attorney fees as well.

How We Can Help You

Our attorneys understand that you may be unfairly targeted by individuals taking advantage of obscure provisions in the ADA. We will use our extensive skill set and experience to protect your rights and fight for your best interests. You can count on us to help you get the results you need.

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