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Protecting Our Clients Unique Works

California is home to some of the most creative minds. Those who author, design, or otherwise create unique work – like but not limited to novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture – should have the ability to protect, use, distribute, market, sell, assign, or license their creations. However, with powerful advancements in technology today, this ability is increasingly threatened by all forms of copyright infringement. 

The Green Firm represents creators and artists inside and outside the entertainment industry in Southern California and throughout the country. We know your unique works are essential to your livelihood and are committed to providing smart advice, guidance, and representation in all matters related to your unique work. 

Copyright Registration Is your Best Protection

As soon as your work is fixed in a tangible medium, you have the exclusive legal right to control it, and that is what a copyright is. So, under federal copyright law, registration is not required to have a copyright. The problem that registration aims to avoid or minimize is this: infringement of your copyright. Through registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, you establish an official date of publication, which communicates to the world that you have rights to and ownership of the unique work. If someone infringes your copyright, you can prove ownership and rights to it. If someone claims your work for their own, registration is the key to disproving that claim. 

Our copyright registration lawyers provide guidance and technical assistance throughout the entire registration process. We perform due diligence, search the chain of title, obtain clearances when necessary, and much more, all to advance and protect your creations.

Copyright Enforcement Requires Vigilance

At The Green Firm, we know that maintaining your copyright and retaining its value requires ongoing vigilance to identify potential infringers. We help enforce your rights through proactive representation, which can mean but is not limited to:

  • Comparing works under the “substantial similarity” test
  • Analyzing another’s use of your work according to the “fair use” standard
  • Analyzing claims of independent creation
  • Requiring infringers to cease and desist
  • Filing timely claims or lawsuits, when necessary
  • Negotiating an authorized license or assignment

Through vigilant representation, we can identify issues early and take swift action to protect your rights.

Copyright Assignments and Licensing Are Profitable

At The Green Firm, we do not focus solely on registration and enforcement of copyrights, but we also advise our clients on ways to manage and profit from their copyrighted material. Assignments or licenses allow others to market, sell, or distribute your work without fear of infringement, subject to a fee and other favorable terms. Assigning or licensing are profitable when undertaken properly. 

Our Southern California copyright attorneys take the time to find out what’s important to you, advise you of your options, and negotiate a licensing agreement that meets your needs. Our skilled IP transaction attorneys draft comprehensive, thoughtful agreements. We also diligently review documents drawn up by other parties to ensure that essential terms and conditions – like exclusivity, territory, duration, and fees – meet your needs and goals.

Copyright Law Litigation Is Sometimes Necessary

At The Green Firm, we know most people do not want to go to court. We tirelessly negotiate a resolution outside of court or before trial commences. Sometimes, however, trial is necessary. Whether another party infringes upon your work, or you are accused of infringement, our copyright law litigation team will advocate for your rights and represent your interests. From cease and desist letters to preliminary injunctions to courtroom trials for money damages, our team is well-versed in copyright disputes involving literal and non-literal copying, fair use, secondary liability, anti-circumvention, and other common copyright legal issues.

Copyrights Add Value to an IP Portfolio

At the Green Firm, we help manage IP portfolios, and well-managed IP portfolios add value to a company. Alongside trademarks, trade secrets, patents, and branding, copyrights are a critical component. We help clients maximize the value of their IP portfolios by copyrighting critical information and materials used to acquire and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. The benefits of a well-managed IP portfolio are many, including better investments or financing opportunities.

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