Advanced Health Care Directive

At Green & Stewart Attorneys at Law, our estate planning lawyers in Pasadena provide effective and efficient legal services to clients who want to create an advanced health care directive.

What is an Advanced Health Care Directive?

An Advanced health care directive lets your family, friends, and health care professionals know your health care preferences. It includes the types of treatments you may or may not want at end of life, and may also include your desires for diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and even organ donation.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Advanced Health Care Directive?

A thoughtfully drafted advanced health care directive can ensure your quality of life while avoiding having your family or healthcare provider “guess” your wishes while under tremendous stress and emotional turmoil.

It may also help family members avoid having to make difficult choices that they may feel guilty about for many years to come. To protect your family from such unnecessary grief, you should consult an attorney to draft this document correctly.

Who Needs to See my Advanced Health Care Directive?

Nobody has to see your directive until the time comes for it to take effect. As soon as it is necessary, your health care agent, as well as medical providers, will have access to your directive. It is recommended that you tell key persons that you have drafted a directive, where it is located, and register it with the Secretary of State.

What if I Enter Into a Coma or Other Non-Responsive State without Having an Advanced Health Care Directive?

If you enter into a coma or other non-responsive state without having an advanced health care directive, your family will have to make critical decisions on your behalf regarding your health care, including procedures, diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, and even organ donations. Oftentimes, family members are under severe emotional turmoil and stress while making these decisions and frequently, family members will live with guilt after making their decisions for years to come. By having a properly drafted directive, all this unnecessary turmoil can be avoided for you and your loved ones.