HIPAA Waivers

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What is HIPAA?

HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Amongst other things, it protects the privacy of medical records. The law states that a medical care provider cannot disclose any medical information to any third party without the patient’s consent. HIPAA contains very strict rules regarding the protection of patient privacy.

What is a HIPAA Waiver?

A HIPAA waiver is a legal document that allows medical providers to communicate with specifically named individuals about someone’s health history and current health situation. Without such authorization, a medical care provider could not discuss anything about the patient with a third party.

What Are the Benefits of a HIPAA Waiver?

A properly drafted HIPAA waiver would allow your health care providers to discuss your medical care with your loved ones should you become incapacitated due to physical injury or mental illness. Along with a properly drafted advanced health care directive, these documents could become critical to your care at end of life.

What if I Have Already Signed a HIPAA Waiver through My Medical Provider?

You should review all documents with an attorney to make certain that all the proper papers are in place. While you may have signed a HIPAA waiver through your medical provider, this document may not be appropriate for your end of life care and may not include the ability for your loved ones to see your medical records. Often, medical offices only have their patients sign HIPAA waivers for the purpose of collecting medical debts, not for end of life care or for your loved ones to see your records should you become incapacitated.