Airene Williamson, Esq.

Of Counsel

Airene Williamson is an esteemed attorney with a remarkable 15-year tenure in the legal field. Holding licenses to practice law in California, Nevada, and Texas, Airene has consistently showcased her expertise, unwavering dedication, and commitment to upholding justice. Her journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Finance from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, laying a solid foundation of financial knowledge pertinent to real estate, mortgage, and investment sectors. Prior to delving into law, she served as a Securities Trader at BMO Harris Bank and worked as a judicial law clerk for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)- Enforcement Division, experiences that enriched her understanding of the legal landscape. Airene earned her Juris Doctor from the William Boyd School of Law in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2009.

Over the years, Airene’s career trajectory has been marked by continual growth and diversification. She ascended to the role of Vice President and Chief General Counsel at a prominent real estate development company overseeing a $5 billion portfolio in California, New Mexico, and Arizona. A seasoned trial attorney, Airene has handled a multitude of high-stakes cases, demonstrating her prowess in real estate, securities, and mortgage transactions through first-chair, lead trial, arbitration, and mediation roles. Beyond her legal pursuits, Airene nurtures a passion for personal and professional development. Residing in Huntington Beach, California, with her husband and two children, she finds fulfillment in balancing her family life with her career pursuits.