Real Estate Attorneys

Commercial and Residential Property Transactions

Real estate transactions and the borrowing of mortgages are important business decisions with significant ramifications for the future. The relationships between buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders, landlords, tenants, and neighbors are all governed by law. The issues of title, possession, liens, taxes, insurance, and zoning are vital to your use and enjoyment of your real estate holdings, and all require a detailed understanding of the rules and regulations that apply or else you risk an uncertain future with legal woes. 

At The Green Firm, our real estate attorneys in Southern California have represented businesses and individuals in virtually every type of transaction and dispute involving real estate property. We can help you with all your real estate legal needs as well, making sure your investment in commercial or residential real estate is a fruitful one.

Why Choose Our Commercial and Residential Real Estate Attorneys 

Our primary role as your real estate attorney is to provide strategic and smart legal advice, guidance, and representation. We are trusted because we:

  • Possess the legal expertise our clients need, including specialized knowledge in the legal requirements, regulations, and procedures involved in real estate transactions, disputes, and other matters related to property
  • Protect our clients’ interests by ensuring all legal requirements are met in real estate transactions or disputes and by preventing costly mistakes or legal issues that could jeopardize investments or cause financial losses
  • Negotiate contracts to ensure our clients execute fair and favorable agreements – we also draft and review contracts and agreements related to real estate, like purchase agreements, lease agreements, or construction contracts
  • Perform thorough title searches to ensure that the property you are buying or selling has a clear title and that no legal disputes or liens exist on the property
  • Advocate zealously for our clients whenever a real estate dispute arises, including disputes involving boundaries or breaches of contract
  • Provide peace of mind because we have a reputation for handling real estate transactions or disputes strategically and consistently

Our real estate lawyers provide valuable legal guidance and representation in a wide range of real estate matters. 

Top Challenges in California Real Estate Law

Real estate law in California is complex and challenging for clients due to the many legal issues involved in property transactions, disputes, and other matters related to real estate. Some of the biggest challenges that clients may face arise because of:

  • The complex nature of real estate law generally in California
  • The complex nature of zoning and land use regulations, which vary by location, thus, making it difficult for clients to navigate the requirements to obtain necessary permits or approvals for their projects
  • The financial risks involved in real estate transactions, including unexpected costs or liability for defects in the property
  • Poorly negotiated or drafted contracts
  • Environmental issues, like contaminated soil or water, that can become costly and time-consuming to resolve
  • Property disputes, like boundary disputes or breach of contract claims, which are complex and difficult to resolve and often require legal action to protect clients’ interests

Our clients have faced a range of challenges that require specialized knowledge and expertise, which we provide consistently to help our clients overcome these challenges and achieve their real estate goals.