Corporate Formations in California

Effectively Handled By Our Pasadena Business Lawyers

With a variety of cheap, do-it-yourself options available to start-ups seeking to form a new corporation or limited liability company (LLC), there is a strong temptation to avoid employing a lawyer to prepare the necessary documentation. However, the mistakes caused by do-it-yourself novices who are just checking off boxes in documents that they do not fully understand, and the costs incurred in repairing the resulting damage, can be devastating.

It is a far wiser business decision to hire an experienced attorney at the outset to give your new business a solid legal foundation. Hiring counsel creates the added benefit of having an advisor who was present at the inception and who can, therefore, anticipate and understand your future needs. Our business lawyers in Pasadena have formed many corporations and LLCs and will be happy to assist your new business in doing the same.