Do You Need an Attorney to Form an LLC or Corporation? Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Business Formation

llc or corporation

People often ask, ‘Do I need an attorney to form my LLC?’ Truthfully, the answer is you may not need one. These days, filing online for an LLC or Corporation is quick and efficient. With plenty of websites to choose from, they may make the initial formation seem easy. However, your business may run into issues later down the line that may cause you more headaches that sometimes cost thousands of dollars to fix.

What Hiring an Attorney Can Help You With

An attorney can help you distinguish which entity would best fit your needs. LLCs, C Corporations, and S Corporations all have their advantages and disadvantages, and they all require different things. It may seem overwhelming and confusing, and that’s where an attorney can be helpful.

Attorneys also ensure that you adhere to your state’s laws and keep up with annual filing requirements. If you’re doing business with people from out of state, or even another country, hiring an attorney can be especially helpful.

Part of creating a business often requires that you create contracts whether with your fellow shareholders, partners, members, or your clients. The attorney you hire can also help you create robust contracts that protect your legal rights and ensure that both parties in a transaction get what they want. While you may seem some upfront costs when you hire an attorney, in the long run, hiring an attorney can save you potentially thousands of dollars in the future.

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