Why Choose The Green Firm versus DIY Contract Services

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While there are many online resources and DIY contract services that offer templates and other tools to help individuals and businesses create their own contracts, there are several reasons why using our contracts lawyer is the better option.

  1. Legal expertise: A contracts lawyer has specialized legal training and expertise in contract law. They can provide legal advice and guidance on issues that may not be apparent to a non-lawyer, such as how to properly structure the contract to comply with relevant laws and regulations, and how to mitigate risks.
  2. Customization: DIY contract services often provide generic templates that may not be tailored to the specific needs of your business or situation. A contracts lawyer can customize the contract to meet your unique needs and help ensure that it accurately reflects the parties’ intentions.
  3. Risk management: A contracts lawyer can help identify potential risks and liabilities that may be associated with a particular contract, and develop strategies to mitigate those risks. This can help prevent costly disputes and litigation down the line.
  4. Negotiation: A contracts lawyer can negotiate on your behalf with the other party to help ensure that the terms of the contract are fair and reasonable, and that your interests are protected.
  5. Enforcement: If a dispute arises over the contract, a contracts lawyer can provide legal representation and help enforce the terms of the contract in court.

While DIY contract services may be less expensive in the short term, they can ultimately result in costly legal disputes and liabilities in the long term.

Types of Contract Disputes

In many cases, when contracts are not properly drafted, reviewed, or executed, disputes arise. Many other reasons for contract disputes exist, too, and they include but are not limited to:

  • Breaches of contract
  • Misrepresentation or fraud
  • Non-performance due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Changes in circumstances
  • Early termination

Having a clear understanding of the terms of a contract and working with a lawyer to ensure that the contract is legally sound and enforceable helps prevent disputes from arising in the first place. If a dispute does arise, our Pasadena contract law attorneys can help negotiate a resolution or provide legal representation in court.

Possible Remedies for Contact Disputes in California

When a contract dispute arises, several remedies are available and may be applicable. Five specific remedies common in contract dispute matters include:

  1. Specific performance, which requires a party to perform their obligations under the contract. This is typically used when monetary damages are inadequate to compensate the other party for the breach of contract, such as in cases involving unique or irreplaceable goods or services.
  2. Damages, which is the most common remedy for breach of contract. The non-breaching party can seek monetary damages to compensate for any losses incurred as a result of the breach.
  3. Rescission, which involves canceling the contract and restoring the parties to their pre-contractual position. This is typically used when there has been a material breach of the contract or if one party entered into the contract due to fraud or misrepresentation.
  4. Reformation, which allows the court to revise the terms of the contract to better reflect the parties’ intentions, typically when there has been a mistake or ambiguity in the contract language.
  5. Equitable remedies, which, if available, may include things like injunctions to prevent a party from breaching the contract or requiring a party to return property that was wrongfully taken.

The specific remedy available for any given dispute depends on the facts of the case and the terms of the contract. Our contracts lawyer will help determine the best course of action and ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

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